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Galway Primary Care provides a wide range of medical services to those working and living in Galway City and the surrounding areas through our friendly, highly qualified staff. Our Medical Centre services in Galway Primary Care include:

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  • Primary Health Care

    Primary Health Care

    Acute Onset Illness Chronic Disease Management Injury or Accident Treatment

  • Family Planning

    Family Planning

    Emergency Contraception Advice on all Forms of Contraception and Prescriptions Depot Injections Implanon Insertion and Removal Mirena Removal Preconceptual Advice Unplanned Pregnancy – Help and Advice

  • Maternity Care

    Maternity Care

    Pregnancy Test Ante-Natal and Post Natal Care Ante-Natal Ultrasound Early Dating Scan 6 Week Checks

  • Health Screening

    Health Screening

    Blood tests for Diabetes Hypertension Resting ECG Blood tests for Raised Cholesterol WellMan and WellWoman health checks.

  • Immunisations


    Childhood Immunisations Influenza Vaccine Pneumonia, Pneumococcal Vaccine MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

  • Male and Female Health

    Male and Female Health

    STD tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Blood tests for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C Swabs or urine tests for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea Prostate Gland Examination Testicular Examination Breast Examinations Cervical Smears

  • Travel Vaccinations

    Travel Vaccinations

    Advice on Worldwide Travel Vaccination Requirements Malaria Prophylaxis

  • Health Examinations

    Health Examinations

    Employment Pre-Employment Medicals, Occupations Health Screening. Driving Licences Insurance Claims Mortgage and Life Assurance Policies Legal Reports Medical Health Checks & Screening

  • Minor Surgery

    Minor Surgery

    Excision of Moles, Sabaceous Cysts, Lipomas Wedge Resection of Ingrowing Toe Nails Joint Injections and Aspirations Cryotherapy of Warts, Keratosis